Welcome ICT 2023

João Morais


Gemma Vilahur


Alexandros Tselepis

President EMLTD

Dear Colleagues

I´m pleased to welcome you to the International Congress on Thrombosis 2023 (ICT 2023), the biannual congress of the European and Mediterranean League Against Thrombotic Diseases (EMLTD), to be held in Lisbon, Portugal, on 1-3 June, 2023.

As the name says, ICT 2023 is a three-day congress entirely dedicated to the study of thrombotic diseases in various aspects. We will discuss the topic of thrombosis and thrombotic disorders from the bench to the bedside. An excellent scientific program served by a faculty of outstanding scientists and clinicians working in the field, is a great motivation to invite you all to come to Lisbon.

Main lectures, symposia, sponsored sessions, case-based sessions, and a large space dedicated to poster´s exhibition, will be at your disposal. Specially thinking on the young fellows, students and PhD students, moments of networking will be provided where you are invited to meet with colleagues and friends.

Time is running out and you need to select the research you want to share and the results you can discuss. We expect a large number of clinicians with different backgrounds. Cardiologists, neurologists, angiologists, internists, diabetologists, general practitioners, hematologists, nephrologists, everyone is welcome to attend ICT2023. In addition to clinicians, basic and translational scientists, everyone will find good reasons to participate.

Finally let me remind you Lisbon is a wonderful city with a lot of opportunities to attract visitors, an extra motivation to participate in our congress.

We will do our best making this congress as an exciting scientific experience you will never forget.

Lisbon, 12th November 2022